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RFID Parking Management System

  • To maintain Limited timing or High Security parking areas
  • Accurately identify and authorize vehicle movement
  • Reduce the car parking time(In & Out) without manual work
  • To reduce Traffic congestion at entrances
  • Enforcement of misuse of disabled badges and permits
  • For unique identification of the parking user
  • To Meeting the needs of disabled people
  • Shorter vacant slot search times resulting to less vehicle emission
  • To manage data Centralized for large/multi area parking services companies
  • The Tariff, RFID card details and Vehicle Types can be downloaded to the machine from the Software Module Provided or access from server through GPRS in online.
  • Customer can buy or rent the digital device from Parking lots and authorized shops (Recharge outlets) and park the car
  • Customer activate the digital device and fix in the window inside the car to start parking
  • Each operator/attender is provided with the Palmtec and verify the device activated in each car of the full parking zone. The Palmtec should be in the Wireless Range Area of PC.
  • Palmtec will generate the In-Slip receipt with the Date, Time, Vehicle number and In-Slip Number.
  • Palmtec also has the capability to read a RFID/Smartcard. Using this data, and Pre- printed stationary can enhance the security of the print out provided in the Parking Management System.
    Now this data reading and amount collected if any is stored in the Machine. Simultaneously, the same data is send to the server via GPRS. The Software installed in the PC receives and Stores the same.
  • Customer will stop that digital device and remove from car window while leaving the parking zone.
  • Customer can recharge from home or Parking lots or authorized shops (Recharge outlets)
Application benefits:
  • Sophisticated fare management
  • No hassle to find a parking meter and coins.
  • No worries about remaining parking time, with reminder alerts via SMS.
  • No need to run to buy another parking permit when your paid parking period is about to expire.
  • Simply extend your parking period from the luxury of your office/home
  • Users save on parking fees.
  • You also get new parking users.
  • Improve safety and security vehicle flow control
  • Track capacity & utilization of parking lot with detailed parking statistics
  • Increase customer satisfaction/loyalty
  • Provide motorist with a superior parking experience
  • Reduce administration overhead
  • Deliver an effective and professional service to your customers
  • Delivering real time KPI reporting
  • Fast, Convenient & cost effective solution
  • System reduces or eliminates fraud
Application Features:
  • User friendly
  • N-tier Client/Server-based application
  • Full Range of Built-in Reports using industry-standard report generator.
  • Full administration and moderating options
  • System reduces or eliminates fraud
  • Email and SMS integration (optional)
  • Security settings provide various levels of system access
  • Full member controls (such as delete, register, and modify)
  • Customize permission levels for a role
  • Unlimited user-defined users, roles, parking lots, outlets & ticket types
  • Export any report to Microsoft Excel/PDF for further analysis
  • Password encryption
  • Your company logo can be added in all Reports
Advantages of RFID technology:

  • No line of sight requirement.
  • The tag can stand a harsh environment.
  • Long read range.
  • Portable database
  • Multiple tag read/write.
  • Tracking people, items, and equipment in realtime.
Our Solutions for Parking Industry
  • Billing Machines with inbuilt printer (Optional - Barcode scanner) & GPRS for live data updating
  • ANPR - Automatic Number plate recognize system
  • APS - RFID Auto parking system (Self Parking)
  • PCMS - Smartcard Parking Coupon Management System
  • Cashless prepaid card Parking Management System
  • Online Park booking system (via Web/SMS)
  • Automatic Ticket Dispensing Machine
  • Customer Parking Guidance Information System using LED display
  • Bio Metric Parking Management System
  • Parking Counting and Payment System
  • Wireless standalone Recording Camera for surveillance

Thursday, 2 January 2014

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Parking coupon machine

Palmtec Amphibia is a hand-held computer It is very rugged, light weight with about 400 Grams and suitable for the rough environments. It consists of a 30 Key keypad, Graphic LCD, In Built Thermal Printer, Higher End 32 Bit Microcontroller, USB interface and runs on Rechargeable Battery. Softland India Ltd is a ISO certified, Indian based 17 Years Experience Public Limited Company, Head Quartered in Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA are Embedded Designers & Developers, Hardware Manufacturers, and Software Application Design and Developers.

Desktop Application Projects

  • Ticketing in Govt. Transport Corporation & Private Buses
  • Invoice Payment Collection
  • Spot Billing for Electricity Cos. / Water Supply Cos
  • POS Application Paycollect System (SMS)
  • Biometric Attendance Marking System
  • Property Tax Collection System
  • Ticketing in Zoo / Museum / Parks
  • Billing in Depots/ Regional warehouses
  • Billing in Delivery Sales
  • Spot Billing in Petrol Pumps
  • Field Collection of Insurance Companies
  • Loan Recovery for Banks & NBFCs
  • Plantation collection Management System (PCMS)
  • Fleet Fuel Logging System
  • Queue Management System in hospitals and banks
  • Cable TV Payment Collection System
  • Spot Fine Collection Management Software
Web Application Projects
  • Automated Fare collection & Reporting System (AFCRS)
  • Tally Integration & Reporting Software
  • Loyalty Card Management System
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA/POS) Application
  • Complaint Registration Management (CRM)
  • Construction Site Monitoring System
  • Apartment Management System (APMS)
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)
  • Listall
  • Micro ERP
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